Let’s not force our talent,
As nothing would be performed gracefully:
Never has a dolt, no matter how much he tries,
Could ever be taken for a gentleman.
Few people blessed by the Heavens,
Possess the inborn gift to seduce in life.
‘This a matter one has to allow them,
So as not resemble the Donkey in the Fable,
Who in order to ingratiate himself to his master,
Went over to caress him. “How come? in his soul said he,
This pup, because of his cute ways,
Will continue to live as a companion
With Milord and Milady;
And I will get blows with a stick?
What does he do? he gives his paw;
At once he is kissed;
If need be, I’ll act the same way to be petted,
It is not difficult at all.”
With such a tender thought in mind,
Seeing his master in a jovial mood, he comes up clumsily,
Raises a very battered paw,
Puts it on his master’s chin lovingly,
Adding as an extra expression of love,
His most gracious braying to this bold action.
“Oh ! oh ! what a caress ! and what a melody !
Said the Master at once. Hey there, *Martin stick!”
Martin stick comes running; the donkey changes his tune.
Thus ended the little comic drama.

Beware, another’s talent may not necessarily be yours.

*Martin bâton: Stickmartin, type-name for a donkey drover.

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