Etiket: aesop tales


    THE DONKEY AND THE LAPDOG Let’s not force our talent, As nothing would be performed gracefully: Never has a dolt, no matter how much he tries, Could ever be taken for a gentleman. Few people blessed by the Heavens, Possess the inborn gift to seduce in life. ‘This a matter one has to allow them, So as […]

  • The wolf and the crane

    The wolf and the crane A Wolf had been feasting too greedily, and a bone had stuck crosswise in his throat. He could get it neither up nor down, and of course he could not eat a thing. Naturally that was an awful state of affairs for a greedy Wolf. So away he hurried to […]

  • The Hare and the Tortoise

    The Hare and the Tortoise Once there was a Hare who used to laugh scornfully at a Tortoise because he plodded along so slowly. “You never can get anywhere with those short legs of yours. Look at my long legs! They’re so swift no one would dare race me.” All the animals of field and […]

  • The Lion And The Mouse

    The Lion And The Mouse One day a Lion lay asleep in the jungle. A tiny Mouse, running about in the grass and not noticing where he was going, ran over the Lion’s head and down his nose. The Lion awoke with a loud roar, and down came his paw over the little Mouse. The […]

  • The Woodman and the Serpent

    The Woodman and the Serpent One wintry day a Woodman was tramping home from his work when he saw something black lying on the snow.  When he came closer he saw it was a Serpent to all appearance dead.  But he took it up and put it in his bosom to warm while he hurried […]